Why is it so powerful?

Employees, Freelancers & Entrepeneurs

"I benefit from the distraction blocking and the reports let me ensure I'm working on the most important tasks to move the needle"


"The insight is invaluable. TeamVision saves me a tonne of time, I'm able to track the entire teams progress and have been able to work through the lockdowns with better effeciency than in the office. If we go back to the office, we'll be keeping TeamVision in place"


"TeamVision is our main productivity tool used throughout the company, keeping us on track, personally and as a team. We couldn't operate without it"

Keeping Us Productive

With an endless stream of brain deadening entertainment at our childrens fingertips, it's no wonder they struggle. The technology which was meant to help, for the most part, has worked against the educational system. SchoolDiary flips the tables, by providing an environment which fosters learning and lets our children shine.

  • Students track their progress & learn to master time, so they have more time being kids.
  • Powerful "Distraction Blocking" technology is put into the students hands... check mate zuckerburg!
  • Students are rewarded through achievements set by teachers.

Modern Era Managing

There's a new found respect for our teachers across the country, as the pandemic saw many home schooling our children for the very first time. Teaching is no easy task - our kids are the most over stimulated, over distracted generation that has ever existed. It's the teachers responsiblity, to not only provide the learning, but also a learning environment void from the relentless distractions.

SchoolDiary makes this easy, by removing the distractions, we give our children a fair dinkum chance, and our teachers sanity remains in check. It'll give you:'

  • Clear insight for parents into their childs learning progress, as we take the journey with them.
  • For teachers, it makes managing students progression a breeze.
  • Teachers can detect potentinal learning issues, BEFORE it's too late.
Frequently Asked Questions

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Just hit the download app button, setup will walk you through creating your free account & installing the app.

It's free to use the majority of features. There are a few added extras which become accesible through a small fee.

When signing up under your employer, they will often choose to cover the small fee for you.

TeamVision is your weapon against unproductive hours. The app records screenshots at set intervals, which managers can use to track work progress. It also helps blocks distracting apps & sites when wanted, and keeps your entire team on track.

It's your choice what features you use, the use cases are endless!

Not at all. TeamVision is used by work teams, in all environments. Where distraction exists, and work is better managed when tracked, TeamVision is being used.

Exact same spot, through the big blue button below.

All businesses signing up receive welcome packs, as well as training for their staff.

We're here to help! You can email us at any time: support@TeamVision.com

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